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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the Monthly State Civil Service Exam Centers

Applicants are encouraged to take notice of the “How to Apply” section in the job announcement to find out how to register for exam centers. 


Please only register for an exam if the job announcement directs you to do so.


Applicants will receive confirmation after they have registered.  The deadline for registration will be posted in the job announcement. 


Why are you making this change?  Why do I need to register?


The state is making a change from the “walk-in” testing procedures to a registration process in order to better serve job seekers.  Registration allows us to accurately plan for your attendance and reserve a space and exam book for you.


How do I register online?


If you have internet access, you can register online at http://Wisc.Jobs.  From the home page, select the Monthly State Exams link on the left side.  Next, select the “Exams Administered on” link, select the title of the recruitment you are interested in.  Read and review the job announcements.  In the “How To Apply” section of the job announcement it will let you know if you need to register to take the civil service exam.  Wisc.Jobs will guide you through the registration process.  You will receive a confirmation message via e-mail, if you provided one.


I don’t have internet access.  How to I register?


There are many locations that provide free internet access.  Your local public library or job center should be able to help you.


If you do not have internet access, you can call the registration telephone line at 608-266-1536.


What happens if I just show up?


If you report to an exam center and you have not registered, we cannot guarantee you an opportunity to complete and exam.  A Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is required to complete a state exam.  Your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is provided on the confirmation you receive after you register on-line.


Can I take more than one state exam?


You may take more than one exam providing you have enough time to start and finish the exams and have registered for each exam.  The exam center is available for four hours; all exams must be completed within the four-hour period.  Questions left unanswered will be marked as incorrect, and you will not be allowed to complete the exam again until your next re-test date.  You will need to check your “Job Cart” in your Wisc.Jobs account to find your eligible re-test date. 


What if I don’t have or forget to bring my confirmation letter?


The confirmation letter is your ticket into the exam.  If you forget the letter, please see a proctor and confirm that you are registered.  If you are on the proctor’s list, you will be allowed to complete the exam.  A Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is required to complete a state exam.  Your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is provided on the confirmation you receive after you pre-register on-line.



What if I register, but then change my mind about the exam location?


If the deadline hasn’t passed, you can log into Wisc.Jobs and update your responses.  You will receive a new confirmation email.  If the deadline has passed you can use your confirmation email to check in and complete the exam at a different location providing there are exams, time, and space available.  A Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is required to complete a state exam.  Your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is provided on the confirmation you receive after you register on-line.



What if I register, but can’t attend the exam center I register for?


You do NOT need to confirm your attendance. 


If you still wish to complete the exam, but are not able to take it at the Saturday exam center, we offer a Monday Exam Center


Registration is required for the Monday exam center.  The same rules apply to the Monday exam center as the Saturday exam center.  See "What happens if I just show up?" above.


Monday exam centers begin at 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following the Saturday exam center in the following cities: Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee.



If you registered for a Saturday exam center but were unable to make it you can register for the Monday exam center by calling (608) 266-3637 no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Monday following the Saturday exam center. 


Registering via phone requires that you were registered for the Saturday exam center and have a Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number.


The recorded message will give you the specific exam location in each city. 


You will be asked to provide the following information: 


1) your name

2) your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number

3) your telephone number

4) the exam you are registered to complete

5) the city where you plan to test


After the 10:00 a.m Monday deadline, people who did not register are not guaranteed an opportunity to complete an exam. 


If you cannot attend an exam center on either of these dates due to military duty, call (608) 266-1731 to arrange an alternate date.  Call at least one week before the scheduled Saturday exam date.


How do I check the status of my exam?


If you have a job cart on Wisc.Jobs, you will have access to the following information:


·         Exams you have taken

·         Exam scores

·         Score Re-use eligibility (this means that you may choose to test again, or reuse your score, and not retest)

·         Re-use test dates (this is the first date that you are eligible to retest)

·         Registrant eligibility (this means that you have passed the exam with a score of 70% or better and are now eligible to be considered for employment, your name may be placed on a certification list.)

·         Certifications you are on (this means that a state agency has a job that they may consider you for)


What should I bring to the exam center on exam day?


PLEASE COME ON THE RIGHT DATE and to the Location you Registered for.  


BRING YOUR REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION WITH YOU.  You will be required to provide your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number when you complete an exam.  Your Wisc.Jobs Applicant ID Number is listed on your confirmation. 


BRING IDENTIFICATION WITH YOU. You will be required to show at least one form of identification with a signature on it. Photo ID is preferred.




DO NOT BRING NOTES OR REFERENCE MATERIALS with you unless the announcement for that exam says to bring them.


CALCULATOR use is allowed unless the announcement for that exam specifically states that 'Calculators may not be used on this exam.' Do not bring a calculator that must be connected to ac power. Cell phone calculators, programmable calculators or those with alphabet keypads are not permitted. Your proctor will not provide calculators.


IF THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH EXAM BOOKLETS, some applicants may be asked to complete their exam later in the day. SHORTAGES OF EXAM BOOKLETS WILL RARELY OCCUR.



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